Autonomous experimentation for accelerated materials discovery

Figure: The closed loop workflow used to discover and synthesize new materials in the A-Lab, an autonomous platform that integrates computations with robotics.

There is an urgent need to rapidly identify low-cost and high-performance materials that will enable a global transition to sustainable energy conversion and storage technologies. However, the current paradigm of materials design is still too slow; from idea conceptualization to market often takes over 10 years, in large part due to the manual and labor-intensive process of traditional experimentation. To address these challenges, the Ceder group is actively developing tools that can accelerate materials design and development through the automation of three key aspects: (1) robotic execution of synthesis experiments and characterization processes, (2) machine-learned interpretation of characterization data, and (3) decision making enabled by artificial intelligence. Our group has integrated these components into one fully autonomous, closed-loop system known as the A-Lab. As we continue to expand this system, we aim to achieve a rate of materials discovery that is 10-100× faster than the current standard.

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