Research Areas

In the Ceder Group, we leverage state-of-the-art computational and experimental methods to design next-generation materials for energy generation and storage. Employing a suite of computational tools, ranging from electronic structure calculations to high-throughput materials informatics, we map the thermodynamics and kinetics of materials and their processes, providing mechanistic understanding of structure-properties relationships in functional materials. These first-principles tools allow us to predict new materialsĀ in silico, enabling the search and discovery of novel materials in unexplored chemical spaces. Our experimental team works closely with the theory team, actualizing predicted materials and optimizing their performance for technological applications. Advanced synthesis and characterization capabilities at both LBNL and UC Berkeley help drive the development of new fundamental theory and understanding of material phenomena. Our integrated computational and experimental efforts have led to record-breaking battery materials and identification of new frontiers for materials exploration and design.


Research topics:

Autonomous experimentation for accelerated materials discovery

High-throughput computing, data mining, and the Materials Project

Li-ion battery materials design and discovery

Multivalent battery materials design and discovery

Na-ion battery materials design and discovery

Solid-state Li conductors and all-solid-state battery materials design and discovery