Professor Gerbrand Ceder presents Materials Theory Award Talk at the 2016 Fall MRS Meeting



Professor Gerbrand Ceder presents on the prediction of stable and metastable compounds in his Materials Theory Award Talk. The award, endowed by Toh-Ming Lu and Gwo Ching Wang, recognizes exceptional advances made by materials theory to the fundamental understanding of the structure and behavior of materials. This year, it is being awarded to Professor Ceder for “for seminal contributions to the emerging field of computationally guided materials exploiting high-throughput computation and promoting the development of open databases to enable widespread use.” 

In his Materials Theory Award talk, Professor Ceder focuses on the various ways in which materials theory has been used to predict structure, including turning structure prediction into a mathematical minimization problem, using machine learning to train models on known crystal structures, and using ab initio methods to predict metastable compounds.

See the MRS page here and Professor Ceder’s presentation slides on the talk here.