Article on cathode coatings for solid-state batteries one of top 15 most-downloaded papers in Joule

The article “Computational Screening of Cathode Coatings for Solid-State Batteries” by Yihan Xiao et al. has been recently listed as one of the 15 top-downloaded papers of Joule in 2019. All 15 of the top-downloaded papers are being made free to access by Joule for the remainder of the year. See the official announcement from Joule here: Free Access to Top-Downloaded Joule papers from 2019. For those interested in the mentioned paper on cathode coatings, it is and will continue to be open-access after the end of this year and can be found on Joule’s website or on our publications page. Congratulations to Yihan et al. for the great work and accomplishment!